Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Tilly FisherTilly Fisher
Passed First Time
Excellent driving instructor with a passion to see you succeed. Thoroughly professional, lessons very well planned and enjoyable but always with a clear focus and objective. Adaptable to your speed of learning and and accompanied by the learning materials provided. I would really recommend Peter as your driving instructor. Thanks to him I passed first time.

Elsie ColeElsie Cole
Fantastic Instructor
An absolutely fantastic instructor!! Adapts really well to every individual student and makes the learning more enjoyable and easier to understand! Never made me feel stupid or judged me for getting something wrong, always very re assuring on how everything is a learning point and not something negative! Provided some amazing learning materials to help assist my learning which were very helpful. This allows you to read up up on what you are going to be doing beforehand so you can be more prepared and confident! He has sat through all of my tears and ranting and I can not thank him enough for that! It has been an absolute please learning with Peter and I highly recommend him as a driving instructor

Jennifer BloxommeJennifer Bloxomme
Passed First Time
Fantastic instructor! Immeasurable patience, extremely good at reading people and adapting to ensure you feel confident and like you are learning what you want to learn at a pace that suits you. As an older learner who was very much put off driving at my second attempt, it took me 8 years to brave it again, I began learning with Peter. I was initially incredibly nervous, but he made me feel much more at ease than I ever expected to be and, even on days when learning was stressful, I left lessons feeling positive and and like they were good experiences. The "LDC system" is well structured to feel prepared and give a certain level of control over your lessons, and I feel that is where both Peter and LDC have their strength by putting YOU at the centre of YOUR learning. Despite having twice tried to learn before, (more to my detriment than benefit), I only got up to test standard because of Peter, and I am happy to say that I passed first time and it really is thanks to him. I honestly cannot recommend him highly enough.

Alesha SpiersAlesha Spiers
Passed First Time
Today I passed my test first time. Working with peter has been a blessing! We have worked together to push through some tough boundaries throughout my learning and I can not explain how grateful I am that Peter stuck by me and continuously encouraged me to fight for my final goals. The guidance and structure throughout the learning experience is second to none! The learning and and planner guide and 2 explanation DVDs allowed me to refresh and recap and evaluate my learning at any point. If you are looking for an instructor that has your best interests at heart, as well as being in in a relaxed learning environment Peter Morgan is your person. Thank you Peter for your hardwork ***HIGHLY RECOMMEND***

Sam FarnellSam Farnell
Passed first time
Working with Peter for the past 6 months was an amazing experience learning new ways to drive and getting rid of old bad habits. Using the book and DVD provided, it allowed me to pass my test first time with ease and of course can not forget Peters excellent teaching methods. After having had two previous instructors, I can honestly say he is the best. Easy to talk to and his drive to help others is very impressive. I recommend for anyone who wants to pass first time while enjoying the experience, choose Peter!

passed First Time
Peter is a brilliant instructor as he is patient, supportive and funny which always helps when you are having a bad day. He gets to know you as a learner, using that knowledge to help guide your progress and work through any issues along the way. He is extremely passionate about helping you learn to drive safely and confidently. The LDC books and DVDs help to break down the learning into into easy to follow stages, so that you set the direction and pace of learning in partnership with Peter. They help you to focus on what you want to achieve in each lesson and are a great support, especially in those first few lessons so that you feel fully prepared. From someone who thought they were not meant to drive it was an amazing experience to pass first time!!

Caitlin FoxhallCaitlin Foxhall
Thorough learning System
When I started with peter I did not even know how to turn the car on, today I passed with only 3 minors and could not be happier. Peter is a calm and patient instructor who understands the individual needs of the the learner. He never gave up on me even when my nerves got in the way and i thought I would not pass. The LD system is very thorough and ensures safety, and the LD workbook is very useful with quizzes on each module and space to write notes and reflect on progress and work to do. I can not recommend Peter enough!

Freya TysonFreya Tyson
great way of learning
After a terrible experience with a previous instructor I had given up hope, I had no confidence and felt as though I would never drive. However that soon changed when I started to learn with Peter Morgan (LDC driving school). With the system put in place I was able to plan my own lessons, with the guidance of Peter as well as being able to use the text book and DVD provided. Thanks to you I have become confident in my ability to drive, as you made me believe that I could do it.The way you teach should be how all instructors teach, as you have natural way of putting your students at ease regardless of how nervous they are. You remain calm and relaxed even if things dont go to plan. I cant thank you enough for getting me through my test. I highly recommend!!!

Jess FarnellJess Farnell
Great Learning System
The LDC system allowed me to plan my own lesson using the workbook targets which would be reflected on afterwards.It was a straight forward and easy to understand process providing information to prepare you for each lesson. Peter is a sociable person who is easy to get along with and is a clear and informative instructor who puts you at ease when driving. Creating a calm atmosphere when learning safely is a key to success.

Amelia PulfordAmelia Pulford
Passed First Time
I passed my driving test first time with Peter with only 4 minors. I just want to say a huge thank you to him for being such a brilliant driving instructor ! From the outset, using the LD system and with Peter's input has helped me enormously to be more confident in driving in a way that is tailored to you. It really makes a difference to have someone takes time help you understand and always is always happy to answer any questions. I have really enjoyed the lessons and would highly recommend Peter to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Ashley ChambersAshley Chambers
Passed First Time
I was very sceptical about learning to drive, believing that I would consistently fail and be extremely nervous. However, within minutes of my first lesson, Peter's re assurance built my confidence massively. Unlike other instructors, Peter teaches you how to drive and not simply pass the driving test The LDC workbook provided re enforces what is learnt in the lesson and helps you gain a better understanding of what you will be doing on each lesson. It encourages you to reflect on your own driving to find out what works best for you and plan what you need to work on which proved to be very effective for me. I strongly recommend Peter as he will make you very, confident and relaxed in your lessons. He has great understanding of how every learner is different and caters to that in the best way that he can. Highly Recommend!

Nigel LauNigel Lau
1 st time pass
First and foremost I would like to thank peter for coaching me to pass my driving test first time.I could not have done it without his guidance and patience throughout the whole process.I had my ups and downs yet Peter was still adamant to get me through. I am a very anxious person with self doubts, but he quickly realised how to adapt his methods to cater for my needs.I can not thank Peter enough for helping me through this and would highly recommend to anyone that asks.

Millie ReedMillie Reed
Great way of learning and fun too
Peter is a fab instructor. He has a lot of patience and adapts his teaching methods and sessions to you and your your style of learning. I am a nervous person, but he has taught me to be a confident driver. I passed today with only six minors. I would highly recommend him.

Bronwyn LaverickBronwyn Laverick
Great way of learning and fun too
I would just like to say a huge thank you to Peter Morgan for teaching me to drive, it feels amazing to have passed with help of having you by my side. He is such a wonderful, patient and understanding teacher. I could not have have done it without him. I really enjoyed having the LDC book to help keep me on track so I knew exactly what I was doing on each lesson and how I was progressing towards being ready for my test. He has not got rid of me yet! Because I am going to do Pass Plus, but if you are looking for an amazing instructor, Petes your man, friendly and patient and we had a good laugh and joke along the way which really did help make me the the confident driver I am now. I would definitely recommend him, if he can teach me to pass with only a few minors he can teach anyone! Thank you so much Peter.

Michelle KoisserMichelle Koisser
First Time Pass
Could not have passed first time LDC and Peter Morgan with his calm and thorough teaching methods! Best driving school ever! With such a brilliant structure of learning,helping you to save money but with assured safe driving for life.

Hannah BanfieldHannah Banfield
Pass with zero minors
I passed my test with no minors today thanks to to Peter Morgan LDC. His teaching methods make it easy and fun to learn.,as you are able to refer back to what you have done and plan each next lesson.Peter is a very supportive and understanding person .He talks through lessons clearly and also make sure that you are happy with outcome of each lesson. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to start driving, you will not be disappointed.

Andy HesletineAndy Hesletine
Passed first time
I could not have been happier learning with Peter.He made me feel a lot calmer when i was feeling nervous.It also helped me so much having the LDC book to look over everything for the next lesson and also go over anything that i had forgotten.The LDC system is such a great way to learn. Thank you so much Peter.

Alex HardyAlex Hardy
1st Time Pass
I passed my test first time with only 1 minor. Really pleased about my level of driving after taking his course with Peter and thoroughly enjoyed my learning experience with him. I would recommend him to anyone as he is an enthusiastic instructor who really engages with the student. I found his teaching methods incredibly helpful with building my confidence in driving and remembering all the techniques. I can not thank him enough and look forward to doing pass plus with him soon.

Bilal AhmadBilal Ahmad
Pass with 3 minors
Thank you Peter for helping me learn to drive. Nothing can express how happy I am right Know to pass and with only 3 minors. Your help has been tremendous with learning to drive and being being able to fir around my schedule. Thank you for all you help and support.

Kira AndrewsKira Andrews
First Time Pass
I would like to say thank you to Peter for helping me pass my driving test first time with only 3 minors. The driving lessons were great fun and well organised using a great system so you are always learning. Peter is a great and experienced driving instructor who I would recommend to anyone. Many Thanks Kira.

Jack BrazierJack Brazier
Great way of learning and fun too
I passed my driving test on Thursday and i have to say a big thank you to peter who has been fantastic in helping me learn and improve my driving.I really enjoyed the lessons and the laughs along the way,and really liked the way the lessons are planned and using the workbook as it allows you to see how much progress you are making and choose how to plan each future lesson.Once again I want to say thank you to Peter.

Katie HeptinstallKatie Heptinstall
First Time Pass
Last week I passed my driving test first time with only 6 minors!I I was so happy and and proud of myself and its all thanks to my informative and thorough lessons over the past 6 months with Peter. As part of the LDC programme I watched a short video before each lesson, read a chapter from the LDC workbook to learn about what I would be doing and write my own targets about what i would like to achieve in the lesson. You have to be willing to put the effort in to prepare, but, as the programme is based around you as an individual you can move at a pace that suits you. I would definitely recommend Peter to anyone who would like to learn to drive. I was in safe hands and enjoyed every lesson.

Marie SmithMarie Smith
First Time Pass
I passed my driving test first time with Peter. He is a brilliant instructor who gave me the confidence to go for my driving test which I would like to say I passed with only 3 minors which was great. I would not hesitate in recommending Peter as an instructor to to anyone. His guidance is brilliant and his teaching abilities will help anyone whatever stage you are at. I felt completely at ease when being taught by Peter and had some good laughs along the way. Thank you so much Peter for all you have done to help me.